FHA Extra Payment Calculator Can Save You Money

Easy to use loan payment calculator.

Woman using an extra payment calculatorPaying extra principle on your home loan can help you save money on interest and get your loan paid off sooner.

Use the extra principal payment calculator to see how many months it will take to pay off your loan, whether you make extra payments or not.

Q. Is it possible to pay my mortgage on the 16th?
A. First-of-the-month payment dates are common for most mortgages. For the most part, a grace period of 15 days is included in mortgage agreements. You have until the 16th of the month to make a mortgage payment that is due on the first of the month. Be advised, however, that mail delivery may be slow. As a result, the service provider must open the envelope and deposit your money. A small problem might cause a payment to be delayed.

Q. Are extra principal payments made automatically?
A. This is a common question. Although the majority of lenders/servicers will apply any additional payments to the principal, you should confirm this with the servicer.

Q. Does increasing your mortgage payment lessen your monthly payments?
A. Paying extra money to your mortgage does not result in a reduction in your monthly payment; although the total interest paid will be reduced by the extra money.

Q. How quickly will I be able to pay off my mortgage with additional payments?
A. Use the extra principal payment calculator for the answer to your question.

Q. Is it true that reducing principle reduces the amount of interest charged?
A. Putting additional money towards your mortgage does not reduce your monthly payment. The additional principle payment will lower your interest costs throughout the term of the loan. 

Q. Is it preferable to make more escrow or principal payments?
A. Your loan's interest rate is determined based on the principal balance.
You will pay less interest to the lender if you decrease the loan amount.
Paying an extra premium to the escrow service will not save you any money.

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In conclusion, the FHA extra payment calculator can be a helpful tool for potential homeowners. It can help them budget their monthly payments and save money in the long run. The calculator is easy to use and can provide users with a variety of information. Anyone who is thinking about buying a home should use the FHA extra payment calculator to get an idea of what their monthly payments would be.